Senior Process Manager - Anankei


The Senior Process Manager ensures the E2E design & implementation of a multiple group of processes requiring high level of cross business unit coordination & supporting significant investment to support the launch of new product and/or services, significant IT, technical or network evolution, organizational changes and M&A at the appropriate level of quality, on time and within budget, according to the process project plan. 

You define the process strategy for your process group & define the high level process architecture in collaboration with the relevant executive, senior product manager, head of IT & business system owner. 

You set up the business objectives for his process group & translate them into key performance indicator to allow the right level of monitoring and tracking of the process performance. You guarantee the overall efficiency of the processes by organizing process review & approval sessions involving the right level of the company responsible to make sure that the processes are well documented and published on the relevant site.

You analyse with the process team the process performance, identify weaknesses, conduct root cause analysis, use advanced statistical tool to correlate issues and correlate problems, come with an action plan to improve the process on short/ long term & get the appropriate resources to make it happen. 

You take responsibility for the quality assurance and overall integrity of the process by making sure that the framework implemented to design, implement and improve process (BMP, Lean methodology, Six Sigma, continuous improvement) are well followed up and by organizing regular lessons learned after each important phase of the process design/implementation.

You are responsible for the deployment of the process through the whole company by building training material with the support of the product manager/BSO and organizing trainings sessions or/and information for all the impacted parties.

You interact with the IT/engineering department to make sure that his process group is automated as much as possible & is well integrated in the IT/network architecture and that key performance indicators are produced without any extra effort.


You have a Master degree and more than 5 years of relevant experience ideally in the telecommunication sector.
You have strong and proven leadership & good communication skills.
You constantly strive for results and excellence.
You have excellent analytical skills and problem solving skills.
You are a master Lean & Six Sigma techniques.
You are fluent in English.