Transformation Architecture Lead - Anankei


This is the starting point: 

The Data transformation within our company is leading to structural changes around organization, governance and architecture.

We are looking for someone to lead the architectural track (of course in close collaboration with governance and organizational track)

What are the Architectural challenges to be addressed in the track:
- Creation of common landing zone between DWH and Data Lake
- Move logic from DWH to source systems (strong link with IT transformation program around data and business capabilities)
- Industrialization of advanced analytics (AI) use cases from POC to production (framework of tools and processes to ensure flexible experimenting in sandbox while ensuring later operational stability)
- Curation of datamarts and move to self-service of end users
- Model lifecycle management for models build by data scientists
- Evolution, simplification of integration and ETL tools
- Clear guidelines around use of operational data stores, DWH, Data Lake


For this challenging position, we are looking for someone with 

A long experience in DWH, ETL tools, BI reporting tools, Data Lake (Hadoop, Hive, SQOOP, …) and how this links to operational applications

Enterprise architectural skills to determine the architectural vision, making a blueprint, defining the roadmap and the implementation plan.

Connecting to technical people (DWH architects, data engineers, developers,…) and executive people (CDO, CIO, ...)

Presentation and vulgarisation skills to bring difficult architectural material to people not familiar with data.

Experience in data transformations in large companies, including the aspects of change management

Skills to split the work in different blocks, setting up workgroups and a clear structure.