Microelectronics Developement Engineer - Anankei



The person will be responsible, in collaboration with another microelectronics engineer, for porting a proprietary VHDL design on an FPGAand / or ASIC for an aeronautical application. 
The work will be carried out in compliance with DO-254 DAL A. 
Compliance with the Technical Specification, the Architecture Document and other documents from the downstream V-cycle will also need to be ensured.

The person will give the necessary support to the electronic and software team that will integrate the design on a breadboard. The various documents associated with the DO-254 DAL-A standard will be written in English with the support of the microelectronics team. 
Participation in EASA audit meetings is also planned.

Knowledge of VHDL as well as notions of digital and analog electronics are required. In particular, the understanding of systemsintegrating a digital core based on the AMBA standard (AHB/ APB) will be necessary.

Depending on the priorities of the project, it may also be requested to provide support to the team developing the embedded software and / or SW tools.


- Standards and methodologies specific to aeronautics (development standards, DO-254, DOORS, etc.).

- Mastery (minimum 5 years) of the VHDL language and the management of a simulation environment based on Perl, Tcl / Tk, Python, etc ...)

- Good knowledge of written and spoken English (Level B2 required)

- Fundamentals of digital and analog electronic systems, based on microprocessor / microcontroller architecture

- Knowledge of Linux commands is a plus

- Knowledge of C, C ++ is a plus

- Office tools: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, ...