Intelligent Network Operational Engineer - Anankei


Tasks to tackle

* Preventive maintenance of all the Live User Test platforms & services (LUT) and Production platforms & services that are directly managed by the Intelligent Network (IN) team: Huawei OCS, Huawei NGIN, LMPG (Micropayment Gateway, internal development).

* Maintenance of OCS & NGIN and test environments: main tasks are the clean-up of logs, files, databases, make sure that clean-up scripts are running fine, built new clean-up scripts.

* Further automation of these preventive maintenance tasks.

* Follow-up of the error reports resulting from preventive maintenance tasks towards the suppliers (Huawei & Artilium).

* Participate in On Call 24/7 team shift rotation.

* Provide expert knowledge to solve complex problems.

Details O&M tasks:

* Daily follow-up of the alarms and events created by respective platforms & services.

* Creation of error reports towards our suppliers in case of issues resulting from the preventive maintenance tasks.

* Make proposals for new or improved preventive maintenance tasks based on incidents that occurred and implement these proposals after approval.

* Make proposals to further automate the existing preventive maintenance tasks and implement these proposals after approval

* Assist the IN team and other teams further down the network in case of complex IN related network problems or major failures.


Good knowledge of the platforms supplied by Huawei

o Huawei OCS/NGIN product knowledge: (order of importance top to bottom)

* Offline MDS (meaning the CDR processing Huawei mediation, not the Huawei OCG)
* I2K

Protocol knowledge:

* Camel
* Diameter
* ISUP and SIP optional

Required skills:

* Unix – Linux scripting
* SQL scripting
* Protocol tracing (nr7 and IP) and interpretation & analysis of these traces.
* Make Huawei itraces
* Make Huawei etraces